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Kunshan Duheng Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

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ADICO is specialized in R&D, production and service of high-end intelligent testing equipment, providing a higher level of intelligent network control system. Our intelligent manufacturing equipment consists of: sheet metal processing department, mechanical processing department, electrical power distribution department, quality inspection department, testing center, R&D center, etc. to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment and the customer's operating experience, in order to develop the next generation of intelligent testing The equipment provides important reference data. The company's main business scope: design and production of intelligent testing equipment, provide external paid testing services and free testing services, external output of intelligent network control systems (software design or PLC programming). The research and development of intelligent testing equipment includes: simulated weather resistance testing equipment, mechanical testing equipment, food safety testing equipment, environmental safety testing equipment, water quality analysis equipment, human health intelligent testing equipment, etc. The company hires relevant high-tech talents with high salaries to form a high-intelligence R&D team, strives to develop into a national-level high-tech intelligent instrument R&D enterprise, and provides comprehensive services for the quality of industrial products and quality safety of the society.

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