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How big is the gap between my country's high-end testing equipment and international giants? Must be independent? Still need to work
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After decades of rapid development in China, many industries have developed by leaps and bounds, but some fields still have a certain gap with Western powers, such as the field of equipment. Now I will talk about some of the instruments and equipment I have used, as well as some information about Chinese and foreign instruments. Due to various reasons, it is impossible to give a comprehensive feedback on the real situation. Welcome everyone to leave a message. The first one to participate in the discussion is to introduce Agilent's test equipment. Agilent is a high-tech equipment company in the United States. It was separated from Hewlett-Packard in 1999. Agilent is a very large company, and the instruments it produces can be used in many fields. There are too many biological, chemical, energy, optical, etc., and we mainly use communication-related equipment. Let me add one more here. In 2014, Agilent once again spin-off and listed, separated the wireless communication test part, and established Keysight, with its Chinese headquarters in Beijing.

We used their 8960 and E6601 wireless testers, 8560E for spectrum analyzers, E5061 for network analyzers, N5180 for signal generators, E3641/E3642 for power supplies, 34420 for multimeters, and some other equipment. Unclear. The biggest feature of Agilent's equipment is its high precision, high stability and reliability, a very complete variety, and the price is very expensive, so you can talk about everything. We sometimes buy the license if we can’t afford the equipment. We can pay by time or by the number of times we use it. Anyway, the service will stop as soon as the time or number of times arrives, just like our mobile phone recharge. In 2009, there was a time when the mobile phone signal test was always failing to test. The analysis may be caused by the superposition of the reflected signal and the emission, which was related to the test line. At that time, I didn’t buy the original one to save money. I bought a line from a secondary factory in South Korea. The latter was really not working. I bought an original line. The test was over immediately. A line is 2,000 yuan as small as 2009. Years.

We have also used the Rohde & Schwarz integrated tester, but only one was purchased for manual testing. This is a German company, founded in Munich, the name of the company is the name of the two founders, they are both PhDs in physics. By the way, I would like to add that when I was on a business trip in Shenzhen in 2009, I saw a product manual that a colleague brought back from an Agilent seminar. Radar, satellites, and aerospace can definitely enable our country to advance by leaps and bounds in these areas. Colleagues said that after letting go, they bought a lot, and many people from various research institutes came. At this moment, I don't know whether it is happiness or sorrow. I have never seen a Chinese instrument in the wireless test, nor have I seen a Japanese instrument, and I don’t know how the domestically-made instruments are now in this area. These are also the most important weapons of the country, and they are also the most powerful weapons of the country!

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