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Energy-saving constant temperature and humidity test chamber

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ADICO energy-saving environmental box adopts advanced design and technology, and strives for perfection to create the best human-computer interaction for users. Worry-free and power-saving.

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Product Details

This equipment meets GB/T5170.2-2008, T5170.5-2008, GB/T10586-2006, GB/T2423.1-2008 test A, GB/T2423.2-2008 test B, GB/T2423.3-2006 Test, GB/T2423.4-2008 test, etc.

Technical parameter

The main technical parameters:

1. Nominal inner size: 600mm(W)×800mm(D)×850mm(H):

2. Nominal external dimensions: 900mm(W)×1500mm(D)×2180mm(H); (flat top)

3. Temperature range: -40∽90℃;

4. Humidity range: 20%∽98%RH: (see the temperature and humidity range diagram for details)

5. Temperature fluctuation: ≤±2℃

6. Temperature deviation:   ≤±1.5℃

7. Humidity deviation: ±2%RH (humidity>75%RH);

±3%RH (humidity≤75%RH);

8. Resolution accuracy: temperature ±0.01℃, humidity ±0.1%RH;

9. Control accuracy: temperature ±0.3℃, humidity ±1.5%RH;

10. Uniformity in temperature box: ±0.5℃∽±2℃;

11. Heating time: RT∽+90℃ average 3 degrees per minute

12. This equipment cannot be tested or stored with items that contain flammable, explosive or volatile or corrosive gases.

Note: The above indicators are all measured values at room temperature of +25°C and no sample. If you need to place a loaded sample, please refer to the requirements.


The European intelligent expansion valve system + the American pulse refrigeration battery valve control system automatically adjusts the refrigerant flow according to the load, saves water and electricity, and adopts the latest research and development of cold-end balancing technology, that is, the equipment controller will be based on the current test conditions of the equipment. Automatic calculation and control of the energy output of the equipment's refrigeration system. Compared with the traditional cooling capacity, the heat balance method of constant temperature and humidity through thermal hedge is more energy-saving, water-saving and energy-saving. (The energy consumption value of the equipment is only 30% of the traditional equipment under high temperature and humidity conditions)