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Rain test chamber

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The composite rain test box can be compatible with the waterproof test of IPX123456+IPX9K+JIS, and the specific functions can be added and deleted according to the requirements.

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Product Details

ADICO Waterproof Test Chamber is suitable for testing whether electrical products, enclosures and seals can ensure good performance of equipment and components in a rainy environment. This product adopts scientific design, so that the device can realistically simulate dripping, spraying, splashing, spraying and other environments. Into the comprehensive control system and the use of frequency conversion technology, so that the rotation angle of the rainfall sample rack, the swing angle of the water spray pendulum and the swing frequency of the spray water can be automatically adjusted

Technical parameter

The ADICO rain test chamber meets the standards:

Standard basis: IEC60529-2001, GB4208-2008, GB2423.38-90, GB5170.38, GBl0485-2007 Method A, IEC-5129, IEC60529, IPX1, IPX2, IPX4. IPX3.IPX5. IPX6.IPX4K equivalent JIS , DIN, MZl and other standards


Instrument controller:

1. ADICO independently develops embedded control systems and is a manufacturer with dedicated controllers.

2. The control system adopts CAN-BUS networking, which can conveniently match functions according to customer's functional requirements;

3. The main board is responsible for processing the communication and monitoring of the system, and the slave board is responsible for performing the functions of the main machine. The main board can be matched with IPx1, IPx2 driver board, IPx3, IPx4, IPx4K driver board, IPx5, IPx6, IPx6K driver board, IPx9K driver board, JIS-R, JIS-S driver board and temperature control module;

4. 8-inch LCD monitor, resolution 1024*768, IPS screen (wide-angle screen).

5. Sensors include drip tray height detection sensor, IPx1-IPx6 water pressure sensor, IPx9K water pressure sensor, water temperature sensor, swing pipe angle sensor, IPx1, IPx2 negative pressure sensor, JIS-R, JIS-S position sensor, etc.

6. Except for the water pump motor, all other controls are low-voltage circuits below DC24V, which is safer.

7. The external wiring is extremely simple, only the sensor to the control board and the control board to the controlled component, only 1/5 of the traditional equipment. Easy maintenance and low failure rate.