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Thermal shock test chamber

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The three-box impact test chamber mainly simulates rapid temperature changes, and can be used for room temperature impact, high and low temperature impact.

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Product Details

ADICO high and low temperature impact test chamber is widely used in aerospace, military units, electrical and electronics, instrumentation, material design

The adaptability test of simulated test pieces such as equipment, spare parts and accessories under the conditions of sudden changes in the ambient air temperature and the corresponding

The safety test of electronic components provides reliability tests, product screening, etc., and can pass this test at the same time,

Carry out product quality control.

Standards compliant:

GB/T2423. 2293 Test Na Environmental test for electrical and electronic products Temperature shock test

2. GB/T2423.1 2008 Environmental Testing of Electrical and Electronic Products Part 2: (IEC60068 2 1:2007 Test A: Low Temperature Test Method 3

3.GB/T2423.2008 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products Part 2: (IEC60068 2 1 2007 Test B: High temperature test method

4. GB/T2423.22 2002 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products Part 2: (IEC68 2 14 test N: temperature change

Technical parameter

ADICO impact test chamber performance index

1 Test environmental conditions

The following requirements test environment conditions are ambient temperature of +25°C, relative humidity <85%. There is no sample in the test box.

2 high greenhouse

Preheating temperature range Ambient temperature~+150℃

Upper limit of preheating temperature 150℃

High temperature shock temperature RT+10~100℃

Heating rate RT~150℃ ≤50min

3 low greenhouse

Pre-cooling temperature range 0~-60℃

Lower limit of pre-cooling temperature -60℃

Low temperature impact temperature 0~-45℃

Cooling rate RT~-60℃ ≤60min

4 studio

Impact temperature range -40℃~100℃

Temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃

Temperature deviation ±2.0℃

Throttle switching time ≤3s

Temperature recovery time ≤5min (national standard for this program) ≤3min (military standard, need to be customized)

Temperature measurement point

5 power supply

Three-phase five-wire system AC 380V±10%, 50Hz±1 grounding wire, protective grounding resistance is less than 4Ω

The customer at the installation site configures an air or power switch with corresponding capacity for the equipment, and this switch must independently control the use of the equipment


Energy-saving advantage: Different from the cold and heat balance and constant temperature method, it adopts the international advanced hot gas bypass adjustment technology, which can realize the stepless adjustment of the refrigeration output, and the low temperature and constant temperature do not need to turn on the heating system. It can significantly improve the efficiency of the refrigeration system, save energy and reduce consumption.

It mainly has the following advantages:

Prevent short circuit circulation of compressor

Prevent the compressor from working at very low suction pressure

Prevent the evaporator from freezing at low load, minimize system components, and have excellent oil return performance