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IPX8 Waterproof Test Chamber

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The ADICO waterproof test chamber mainly simulates the conditions of different water depths to test the water ingress of the samples, and the maximum depth can be tested to 100M

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Product Details

ADICO waterproof test box equipment use: Application introduction

This product is suitable for testing whether electrical products, enclosures and seals can ensure good performance of equipment and components in an underwater environment. This product adopts scientific design, so that the equipment can be realistic underwater environment. Comply with IP7.8 standard

Technical parameter

Main technical parameters: in line with IP7.8 standard. The main technical parameters: in line with: IP7.8 standard.

1. Container: S304 stainless steel tank; Container: S304 stainless steel tank.

2. Diameter: 1000/1200mm, height 1000/1200mm; Diameter: 1000/1200mm, height 1000/1200mm.

3. Simulation of water tank pressure of 50 meters by air compressor (simultaneously simulate different water depths).

4. Pressure holding range: normal pressure -0.5MPa, with pressure display; pressure gauge accuracy 0.25 (sensor accuracy level is 0.25%); Pressure holding range: normal pressure -0.5MPa, with pressure display; pressure gauge accuracy 0.25.

5. Time control: 9999 hours; Time control: 0 to 99 99hours.

6. Lifting device (this plan is placed by the customer).

7. Top cover: flip type, convenient to place the sample vertically.

8. The flooding test device with pressure protection riot device and drainage pressure relief device.

9. Water level display: scale plus water level tube; Water level display: scale plus water level tube.

10. Stainless steel tank thickness: 6mm; Stainless steel tank thickness: 6mm.

11. Power supply: 220V, 50HZ; Power supply: 220V, 50HZ.

12. Power: 3KW; Power: 3KW.

13. The top of the equipment is equipped with wiring holes and sealed well, so that customers can conduct power-on tests.


Safety protection device:

1. Power overload and short circuit protection

2. Grounding protection

3. Water shortage protection

4. Alarm sound prompt