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Manual image measuring instrument

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The manual imager is suitable for testing products with small size, low accuracy and low measurement intensity.

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Product Details

DH-MV is a high-performance manual optical image measuring instrument. This product has the characteristics of high durability and precision. It can detect the contour and surface shape and size, angle and position of various workpieces.

Technical parameter

Digital test

Quantity system

Optical scale resolution: X/Y/Z axis 0.0005mm (0.5um)

Measurement accuracy: ≤3μm+L/200 Repeatability: ≤3μm+L/200

Multifunctional data processor can measure points, lines, arcs, circles, angles, etc.

Video sight


Camera: Japanese Sony color or American TEO1/3″CCD 800TVL camera magnification 30-230X

Lens: NAV HD zoom lens // continuous magnification 0.7-4.5X

When 0.5X objective lens is optional, the total magnification is 15-115X

When 2X objective lens is optional, the total magnification is 60-460X

Lighting system

Surface light source and transmission light source LED cold light source, long life, adjustable brightness


The main functions of the measurement software are as follows

(1) Element measurement:

(3) Automatic capture measurement

(4) Element structure:

(5) Display rich results

(6) Able to display optical magnification and screen magnification

(7) Coordinate system:

(8) User program:

(9) Programmable light source

(10) Graphic function:

(11) Marking function:

(12) System error correction:

(13) Tolerance

(14) DXF file import programming

(15) Language conversion:

(16) Report function;

(17) Online SPC function;