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Image measuring instrument

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The automatic imager can quickly measure the plane size, height, depth, etc.

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Product Details

ADICO NVC series is a high-performance automatic optical image measuring instrument. This product has the characteristics of high speed and precision, which can perform multiple functions on a single machine, greatly reducing the cost of repeated purchase of machines and the waste of space. It can efficiently detect the contour and surface shape, size, angle and position of various workpieces. It is especially suitable for PCB board, film, protective film, optical glass, electronics, large sheet metal parts, connectors, precision mechanical parts, electronic components, semiconductor components and other industries to achieve rapid and accurate detection in large quantities.

Technical parameter

1. Features of the instrument

1 Marble base, column, good stability, strong structural rigidity

2 Marble work surface, two-layer workbench structure, reduce mechanical errors, and ensure the accuracy of X, Y horizontal movement

3 Marble X, Y verticality is high, to ensure the measurement accuracy of (3+L/200) um, even if the workpiece is not squared, it can achieve high measurement accuracy

4 CCD1 measuring camera, high resolution color 1/3” CCD 800TVL




Customized ultra-high-definition colorCCD

Zoom objective

Fully automatic continuous zoom HD lens 0.7X-5.0X

Video magnification ratio

Image magnification 30X-230X

Working distance


Display resolution


4000i motion control system: full closed loop control: three-axis servo motor full closed loop control

X/Y/Z0.0002mm0.2um Metal patch ruler


≦(2.5+L/200)um, L represents the measured length


The instrument uses a metal patch grating ruler, an automatic zoom lens, and has a fast automatic adjustment function.