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Large gantry metallurgical microscope

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The large gantry microscope is specially used for the measurement of large-size accessories. The equipment has the function of a fully automatic imager and adds the function of a metallographic microscope. It has differential interference, dark field observation, bright field observation, and can measure blasting particles. It is a product with strong comprehensive performance.

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Product Details

ADICO gantry imager is especially suitable for PCB board, film, protective film, optical glass, electronics, large sheet metal parts, connectors, precision mechanical parts, electronic components, semiconductor components and other industries to achieve rapid and accurate detection in large quantities.

Technical parameter


XY轴XY Axis

Z轴 Z Axis



L代表测量长度L,the measured length


尺寸20um以内 ≦0.5um

尺寸500um以内 ≦1um

尺寸2000um以内 ≦3um

速度 Speed

XY轴XY Axis

Z轴 Z Axis



工作环境Operating environment


温度变化Temperature variation:<2℃/hr




Alternative observation methods

Bright field / dark field / polarized light / DIC / transmitted light

Optical system

Infinity chromatic aberration correction optical system


PL10X/22 plan high eyepoint eyepiece

Objective lens

LMPL-BD infinite long working distance bright and dark field metallographic objective lens 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X (optional)

Observation tube

Erect image observation tube, 25° hinged trinocular, splitting ratio, binocular: trinocular=100:0 or 0:100


5-hole inclination light and dark field converter with DIC slot

5-hole inverted light and dark field converter

Microscope body

Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, coarse adjustment stroke 33mm, fine adjustment accuracy 0.001mm, with upper limit of coarse adjustment mechanism and tightness adjustment device. Built-in 90-240V wide voltage transformer, single power output

Reflective illuminator system

With variable field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, both adjustable center; with filter slot and polarizing device slot; with oblique lighting switch lever, 12V100W halogen lamp, light intensity continuously adjustable

Transmitted lighting system

Single high-power 5W LED, white, light intensity continuously adjustable. N..A.0.5 condenser lens with variable aperture diaphragm