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Automatic screening machine

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Used in conjunction with the vibrating plate feeder, it has the advantages of speed and accuracy.

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Product Details

Workpiece size

Workpiece Dimension

Detection speed

Inspect Speed

Hardware software

Hardware & Software

Maximum outer diameter: 40mm Maximum height: 30mm

Max OD Max height

Detection accuracy

Inspect Accuracy


500—1500 pcs/min

Select configuration

Selection Configuration

1*Looking up camera+1*Side looking camera+1*Looking down camera (Increase or decrease inspection cameras according to specific inspection items)

1*Bottom Camera+2*Side Camera+1*Top Camera (Customization by product)

Hardware: Basler, Keyence, Omron, Panasonic, SMC, FIM, etc.

Hardware: BASLER, KEYENCE, OMRON, Panasonic, SMC, FIM etc.

Software: self-developed optical inspection system

Software: Self-R&D Vision Inspection system

Technical parameter


Simple: ADICO comes with an intuitive user interface that allows each user to start immediately

without extensive training.


Flexible: Operators can directly select and recall pre-configured inspections without tedious



Huge database: More than 400 measurement and testing tools that can be used to create test plans

for specific products.


Traceable: All data and solutions are automatically stored, generating statistical reports and

documenting workflows for subsequent traceability.


Powerful memory: Each time you switch on, you can select the corresponding product model and keep

the last detection settings.


Durable: The software can be operated for 6 months without shutting down the software, ensuring

that 100% of the OK products are good.

远程维护&教学:Internet 上的可选远程维护功能可为客户参数设置提供快速的建议和支持。

Remote Maintenance & Tutorial: The optional Remote Maintenance feature on the Internet provides

quick advice and support for customer parameter settings.


Privilege setting: privilege control can realize different privilege operations for different levels of

personnel, effectively reducing system failure caused by misoperation