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Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

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Scope of application Surface coatings, steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, alloys, etc.; Heat treatment, carbonization, quench hardening layer, nitride layer; Small and thin parts, etc.

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Product Details

Features of ADICO Vickers Hardness Tester

7-inch color screen display, menu structure, automatic test process, easy operation;

High-definition optical system, the brightness of the light source can be adjusted in 20 levels;

With the function of hardness value conversion, the upper and lower tolerance of the hardness can be judged;

Diagonal length D1 and D2 encoder input, reduce human reading error;

The objective lens and the indenter can be automatically switched and positioned accurately;

Test results and data processing can be output through a printer.

Technical parameter

Technical data

Test forcegf

10gf (0.098N)25gf (0.245N)50gf (0.49N)100gf (0.98N )

200gf (1.96N)300gf (2.94N)500gf (4.9N)1000gf (9.8N)

Smallest unit of measurement


Total magnification


Loading method

Automatic (loading, holding, unloading)

Dwell time

0-60 seconds adjustable


Standard accessories

Objective lens 40x, 10x, Vickers indenter, measuring eyepiece 10x, standard hardness block (2), thin test bench, cylindrical test bench, flat test bench, level gauge, power cord, auxiliary tools, etc.

Optional accessories

CCD camera measurement system. Knoop pressure head.